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The is a one-stop shop for busy women. From fashion and beauty advice to interviews with inspiring women to intimate personal essays, this site has it all. Here are the stories I've contributed to this amazing site.

11 Things To Do on Your (Inevitable) Flight Delay

8 Ways to Get Through the Holidays Alone

How to Find Value in a Bad Job Experience

What Self Care Looks Like When You're Truly Busy

8 Things You Should Know About Email Marketing

Unpopular Opinion: Why I Hate Talking About Money at Work

10 SEO Practices Everyone Should Follow

How to Deal With Depression and Anxiety at Work

10 Steps to Launching Your Business

Confident or Just Bragging? How to Balance the Fine Line of Self-Promotion

The #1 Thing to Do When You Make a Mistake at Work

The Conversation You Need to Stop Avoiding With Your Coworkers

How to Cope at Work After Losing Someone You Love

How to Rise Above Office Politics and Gossip

The Key to Making Your Website Look Professionally Built (No Design Experience Required)

6 Things Introverted Women Should Do to Better Their Career

Research Has Found Women Are Embarrassed by Their Savings—Here’s How to Change That

I Have an Inconsistent Income—Here’s How I Afford to Travel

5 Signs You’re in a Career Rut—And How to Fix It

How to Travel With Friends Successfully

How to Deal with Travel Anxiety

How to Have a Healthy Friendship with Someone You’re Competing With

10 Apps That Will Really Save You Money

My Go-To Vegan Staples from Trader Joe’s

How to Maintain Work Friendships After You Leave The Job

How to Cope With a Friend Who Loves Drama

4 Ways Freelancers Overspend

How to Prep for That Performance Review (And Land a Raise)

10 Super Helpful Resources All Women Can Use

I Threw Out My TV—Here’s What Happened Next

How Much More Do Women Really Need to Save for Retirement?

The Secret to Erasing Brown Spots on Any Budget

10 Steps to Launching Your Business in 2019

I Couldn’t Shop for 3 Months and It Was the Financial Refresh I Needed

It’s 2019, Is It OK to Talk Politics at Work?

10 Tax Breaks or Benefits You May Not Be Taking Advantage of—But Should Be

6 Apps Successful Women Use to Stay Organized

15 Ways to Show Your Friends You Love & Appreciate Them on Valentine's Day

Not Being Paid What You Deserve? Ask for This Instead

Why I’ve Stopped Planning My Life

How to Save for Retirement on Your Own

8 Easy Ways to Get More Nutrients Out of Your Food

7 Ways to Be Less Forgetful This Year

How to Sneak Protein Into Your Meals

How to Boost Your Immune System Before Flu Season Rolls In

Break a Sweat: The Difference Between Yoga, Pilates and Barre Workouts

Why is Everyone Talking About Code-Switching?

7 Ways to Grab Readers' Attention With Your Homepage

Feeling Overwhelmed About Wedding Planning? Here’s Where to Start

Our Favorite Fashion Retailer Also Has the Best Home Decor

I Made the Switch to Vegan Products—Here Are the Ones I Can’t Live Without

How to Grow Your Own Food Even If You Don’t Have a Backyard

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Website From a Free Site

Beauty Products That Work Better When You Sleep

20 Perfect Wedding Dresses for the Minimalist Bride

9 Classic Books to Curl Up With This Fall

Why Am I So Afraid of Conflict? A Therapist Weighs In

6 Apps That Can Help You Meet Your Savings Goals

A Quick Guide to Understanding & Improving Your Site Traffic

These Films and Books About Female Friendship Will Give You All the Feels

Why You Really Need to Set Friendship Boundaries at Work

How I Graduated College with 4 Job Offers

4 Money Lessons I've Learned from My Friends

The Everygirl’s Weekend Guide to Orange County in the Summer

Why You Should Be Revisiting Your New Year’s Resolutions

These are the Top Industries, Companies, and Roles for Remote Work

How I Consciously Transformed My Friendships

Why I Decided to Give up My Favorite Foods and Go Vegan

I Traveled for 50+ Days Last Year and This Is What I Learned

4 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

If You're Not Using These Amazon Prime Features, You're Missing Out

Non-Liquid Beauty Products You Can Toss in a Carry-On, Worry Free

16 Easy Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days

How to Defuse Conflicts at Work

6 Effective Workouts You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

10 No-Heat Hairstyles

Natural Remedies For When You Aren’t Feeling Your Best

Why You Need to Stop Skipping Your Lunch Break

No Neutrals Allowed: Rugs That Will Brighten Your Decor

20 Ridiculously Easy Recipes You Can Make With a Slow Cooker

The Best Apps for Planning Your Next Trip

10 Healthy Dip Recipes To Snack On

How to Build a Beauty Capsule Collection

How to Skip The Dry Cleaner

How to Avoid and Recover From Jet Lag

12 Decorations to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Non-Caffeinated Ways to Wake Up

These Foods May Be Causing Your Skin Woes

DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products

8 Awesome Etsy Finds for Entrepreneurs

How to Make New Shoes Comfortable

8 Hearty Vegetarian Recipes for Meatless Monday

The Best Shows and Movies to Get You Through Your Downton Abbey Withdrawals

How to Recover From Pulling an All-Nighter

8 Face Masks You Should Always Have on Hand

How to Stay Focused When Working From Home

8 Delicious Breakfasts You Can Make the Night Before

5 Books That Will Give You a Creative Boost

Luxurious Beauty Products with Single Digit Price Tags

The Best Apps to Learn How to Meditate

The Google Hacks You’re Probably Not Using But Need to Know

The Best Online Workouts

5 Sneaky Ways Stress Affects Your Body

Must-Have Classics for the Professional Wardrobe

6 Smart Things To Do With That Raise

How Your Posture is Affecting Your Physical and Mental Health

10 Best Financial Podcasts to Follow

Natural Ways to Ease Your PMS Symptoms

Eat These Foods for Glowing Skin

Latest Stories On: Apartment Therapy

AT Media reaches 14 million unique visitors every month. I have contributed articles on a variety of lifestyle topics to

How Using a Piggy Bank Can Be a Legit Savings Plan

15 Surprising Stores Where Students and Teachers Can Score Major Discounts

Not Your ’80s Workout Videos: Ways to Get Fit Right in Front of Your Screen

New School: Where Smart People Look for Career Advice, Today

How to Take Your Beauty Sleep to the Next Level

Time for a Change? The Best Time of Year to Kick Off a Job Search

Easy Ways to Free Up More Room in Your Tiny Closet

5 Things Your Dog Does to Secretly Keep You Healthy

Have a Beautiful Year: Easy-to-Keep Beauty Resolutions

Take it Easy this Season: Fun, Festive and Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy Fall

Stop Getting Ripped off at the Grocery Store

Latest Stories On: Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily is a British publication that focuses on advice that every working girl needs to know.

How to Deal with Friend Envy

How to Work Smarter Not Harder

4 Steps to Cure Your Technology Addiction

6 Easy Habits When You Work on Your Computer All Day

Things to Consider When You Want to go Back Into Education

How To Become A LinkedIn Superstar

The 10 Most Important Career Skills That Will Get You Hired This Year

3 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Day


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Latest Stories On: Byrdie

A variety of stories on beauty, health, and wellness that I wrote for


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