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The Everygirl.com is a one-stop shop for busy women. From fashion and beauty advice to interviews with inspiring women to heartwrenching personal essays, this site has it all. Here are the stories I’ve contributed to this amazing site.

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Eat These Foods for Glowing Skin




Apartment Therapy




Create & Cultivate


Create & Cultivate has inspired thousands of women through their conferences, resources, and blog which I’ve contributed to.

How to Gracefully Job Hunt While Still Employed

What Do Millennials Really Want From Work

How Putting Your Health and Happiness First Can Improve Your Career

Career Girl Daily


Bridal Guide


My first foray into writing about the wedding industry! I worked with a variety of wedding photographers to curate the photos for this story.

Wedding Decorations You Can Reuse as Home Décor After the Big Day (Bridal Guide)

Career Contessa